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Monday, September 18, 2006

Can a cartoonist help me on this?

[Pop at pulpit delivering speech in speech bubble]
Pop: "Φαδρον μν τοιοτν τινα λγον φη επεν, Hops are doctrinally irrational μετ δ Φαδρον λλους τινς εναι, ν ο πνυ διεμνημνευεν..... Παυσανου λγον διηγετο. επεν δ ατν τι· ο καλς μοι δοκε, Φαδρε, προβεβλσθαι μν λγος, τ πλς οτως παρηγγλθαι γκωμιζειν..."[3 pages]"...and to conclude Hops are intrinsically unreasonable"
[Looks around for a reaction]
[Long silence]
[Hops look at each other blankly briefly. Before rising in arms]
Hop: Apologize right now!
Pop[rubbing his hands]: Ok. Here's the apology: ...
[Hop is delivered a scroll statement by an outside hand]
[Next frame shows close-up of typed statement that starts: 'I am deeply sorry...']
Hop: That's better...o yes...
[Next frame shows rest of the sentence: 'for the reactions in some countries ...']
Hop: Heyyy, wait a minute .."

While gratificants are purring with pleasure over the apology, one guy* gets the message over what exactly the Pope is aplogizing for: the reaction and not his statement.He's apologizing on behalf of reactants for their bad behaviour.
This thing is hilarious.
*Turkish State Minister Mehmet Aydin said the pontiff appeared to be saying he was sorry for the outrage but not necessarily the remarks themselves.
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