Friday, September 22, 2006

Serendipity. The word doesn't sound right for what it's trying to say. It sounds like it means 'to sip coffee in serenity'. So i'll say a lot of things are coming quickly together in my field of idea vision. It's important to say 'quickly' because if all these related things happened over a year or even a month it wouldnt be remarkable enough. The most notable of these is when i put together oriana fallaci with the pope vs. islam thing and then I see a few others had done the same thing. Then 2 days later, I attend a bookclub meet and their book was a kundera. and all that week before kundera was the theme. I had had a great chat with vij on kundera's 'unberable lightness'(debates Neitzsche) in the previous week and then the day after the guy i meet is reading Neitzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra.
Anyway, the day after the book meet, where I had decided not to pick up the recommended book, I decided to revisit bookworld and pick up a friendly copy of kundera's 'immortality' which I had left reading 2 years back. It's pretty and just my thing. Then I find before arriving there, that he has a mention of Fallaci in Immortality:
“…who is the pioneer of modern journalism? Not Hemingway who wrote of his experiences in the trenches, not Orwell who spent a year of his life with the Parisian poor, not Egon Erwin Kisch the expert on Prague prostitutes, but Oriana Fallaci who in the years 1969 to 1972 published a series of interviews with the most famous politicians of the time. Those interviews were more than mere conversations; they were duels. Before the powerful politicians realized that they were fighting under unequal conditions–for she was allowed to ask questions but they were not–they were already on the floor of the ring, KO’ed.” And truly if anything, this lady stood for courage.
Then before I had even begun on Immortality, I thought I saw this whole Pope-Islam thing as sibling rivalry. This is what Kundera explores in the world of the protagonist, Agnes.

Location Envy: I remember all those people I got to befriend in my time in Bangalore, whove left for other lands, states, places, contracts. Something so natural just happens. People move on, they do it all the time. But the mist of wist cracks you sometimes.
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