Sunday, September 10, 2006

Then there are those who are perfectly comfortable being their plain selves all the time in everything they do and everywhere they go. These are the greats and sometimes we never hear of them. 2 entries in Rajesh's blog, profile 2 such men who were also masters of their craft. I know they're both malayalee, but maybe it's for that reason, their modesty and simplicity touches me more deeply. John Abraham: "one of the major avant-garde directors in Malayalam cinema." and Kunhunni maash: Malayalam scholar and poet
Just found out John Abraham is from the same town as both my folks: Changanacherry. I feel like saying what he said when he visited the Vatican, replacing the adj with Changanacherrian. Below is a brief one of his films.
Donkey in the Brahmin ghetto (1977)
Agraharathil Kazhuthai

"John's second film, Agraharathil Kazhuthai made in Tamil, is a hard hitting satire on the brahminical bigotry and superstition, where a donkey becomes the central character.
A donkey strays into a village dominated by Brahmins. Prof Narayana Swamy decides to keep it at his house. The entire village turns against the donkey[for an incident] and the donkey is blamed and is killed. After the death of the donkey some miracles start happening in the village. The film won a National award but DD was forced to cancel a scheduled TV screening and the Tamil press ignored the film"
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