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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Violence in the name of religion

In all fairness to his intense thesis, if anyone should take issue with this, they must be scholars themselves. It would be wasted on anyone less.

If diplomatic language means not saying what you think, it chaffs at freedom of speech, progress in communication and discourse. Which is a pity because, done earnestly, discourse is the most brilliant intercourse possible, with a willing/earned transforming agreement as climax. Some arguments rightly say that Ratzi's overlooked the Church's own fallible history of violence, which others responded to rightly pointing out that the CC delicately enough always inflicted violence through the State never through own hands. The clarification ofcourse being: this is about a religion's doctrinal stand on 'propogating religion through violence' and not ground truth which may have been a regretted failing.

However, this confrontation is not between equals but 2 very different creatures because Islam is decentred, and however mythical, the CC can put a pagentry of one centre, one voice. But for anyone to issue an apology after expressing studied statements, is a failure. The contest here is really between rational discourse and reflexive protest/violence(objectivity vs. the positins that offer a characterization of objectivism). And only because violence holds the threat of death, violence is the possibility of death of discourse.

I only wonder that one can more easily accept lesssons learnt within one's 'civilization', than those by others. Who defines civilizations? History? Should I have the right to repeat the horrors of history because it was never part of my past? She-did-it,-so-i-can- do-it-too? Should there be a lenience for this complex.
Or is the resolution: All history IS civilization ?

What would Oriana Fallaci have had to say? The kind of woman who caught my eye, I regret I didn't get down to write about her when I meant to. There was nothing elegant about this lady. This is a woman who asked Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, “How do you swim in a chador?” His reply was that she was not obliged to wear one, because it was a garment for proper Islamic women. She tore off her chador, and Ayatollah Khomeini stalked off.
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