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Monday, October 16, 2006


Who am i but a furtive unwashed gerbil chomping on the fur of my gritty upper inner thighs in spare time, spitting out nipped fleas and flea eggs in between. But this rodentious beanpod thinks desai is bland. What is her story? - ask all rodents. Rodents only need listen to her voice and banal opinions on radio to know what she has to offer. I'm sorry, but rodents want to know ur creds, And we're not talking of an oxbridge or ivy in ur life. Prim girl says with pride: mama had major inputs in work; ats why mama was more nervious than baby. Inheritance indeed. Spare. Rodents want high flavour and glistening guts, not mincing obdedient bugeyed dullness beaming at shutterbwugs. She's the kind who at puja time, is secretly certain her success is down to her particular food timings and habits or because she jerks off with twiddling her left tit and not her right. Thank her lucky habits. Thank my habit, I'm never going to read crap when I can avoid it.

Rodents believe they can see all this in a person's face. What they've got.

Pahmuk? now this is a man.
Risk and contrariness are everything.

Being contrary isnt an end in itself, but one fine day when some look back, they find they've taken contrary positions almost every time. Outsiders put it down to a misdirected curr nature, being congenitally combative, always on the look out for something to tear. But subjects in such situations would agree, it wasn't even about playing devils advoc; but being uncomfortable with mediocrity. Ofcourse you can introspect, repent, and change and become what Naipaul calls 'defined by the external' when you started out wanting to define.

What's an opinion anyway? It doesn't take nothing in the end to buy opinion. The promise of continued good money or more money or power and more power. One goes with the other. In the commercial world, it's called a raise/promo. Or as I am saying, even sticking on for the great pay deal you rightly or wrongly assume you're not going to get anywhere else.

Maybe you work for a large company or school or research institute (in smaller places that aren't co-ops, employees on small pay are always more vocal and contrary). And then something happened that raised your ethic heckles. Then as if by magic, with time, it's not something that's worth talking about anymore. (You even forget you more than once weakly threatened to resign over the issue if it wasnt corrected.) Because some of the quickest resolutions have happened without a single significant verbal exchange on the issue. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind, no longer.
Your incipient dissent was nipped insidiously: with a raise/promo or the promise of it. Now you work with the very thing you felt wrong about, it's in your eyeballs, but with conditioning and the rewards from normal response to the program, you're fine. Everybody loves this person. As for the reviled others, they say:
But still, the fates will leave me my voice,
and by my voice I shall be known.
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