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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The House of Being

Have you ever felt it when words become such a failure.
They fail to the length they lie when they were intended to hold and communicate the truth. Music vs. Song. Very often when I speak to someone about something difficult that has happened between us, I find my feelings and thoughts have already moved far ahead of that static which i just spoke. The failure of words, language, the attempt to communicate the truth is a running tragedy.

It doesnt take a Heidegger to see words begin to impoverish with usage over time. The word will never come as close to the meaning as when it was first spoken to earnestly convey.

Sometimes without a word, you communicate by just being there; even with all the wrong words, you despatch everything you meant. But so much of the world is not about these spritely, romantic, fabulous moments. The practise of law, issues of justice, evaluation, manoeuvring, survival, persuasion. The compulsion is to keep devising to transmit the closest to dynamic impressions, that make listeners and readers look up and rethink in their average-everyday*.
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