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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm a pseudo-intellekchell! getmeyout

Now why doesn't that pinch? I suspect it's the cheap thrill i get all the time from getting to know things, however scatty, and then the joy of making amateur connections with my own experiences, records, and remembering what others had said on the same thing, or something related. Rubber band games. With sticky ends for easy tacking anywhere. (note-to-self: bbc sp.- punk rock gave license to the amateur). Shit, no look, they'll say. Look at the number of times she's used 'i' in this post so far: the final indication of her obsession. She'll take that too and fall for it again: I am an obsessed voyeur, of my self as well.

Also, I would like to know if anyone can direct me to that piece of lit crit that discusses, the percpetion trap: belongers seem to have a better license to challenge/shame the principles of their group than outsiders, or perceived enemies. I had asked that to Anand Patwardhan a bunch of years back a propos some controvesial film on the ayodhya affair, he'd just come out with. Did his being a distinct Hindu make it easier for everyone else to lionize him for taking a brutal stand against Hindu fundamentalism? Would he cut less ice if he were Muslim and as corrosively expository?

He wasn't too excited about the question and didn't say anything worth remembering. But I would like to read a more complete discussion on that subject of who seems to have a better license to criticize; belongers or outsiders. Or is the more valid license of a belonger just a perception?
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