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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dave Lee. Save us.

If youre a Bastardized-Nglish-song-listening Bangalorean new to radio, youd think all it takes to be an rj is big tits/(in the absence)allure, chamakchamak accoutrments, an age somewhere around 15, and a projected iq somewhere below 3. Yesterday my fingers stubbed on a range crank on my 50-yr old radio, and out came the sound of shindigo's day-trippin' pavitra: 'Now all you guys out there, pinch one pinch of cardammom and place it on your plate. Now guys, use your etiquette. Use your fork inside-out and poke your crotch under the tablecloth. Now don't let your host see this under the tablecloth. Now You're listening to bangalore's definitive lifestyle show. Ime pavitra *erotic breathe-out*' If it wasn't that it would have been someone trying out Barker's irrelevant manic voice modulation to make up for lack of content. My follices began sprouting hair and my finger stubbed the crank off. I scrabbled across the floor, fetched an aluminium vat, held it to my chin, and wept.
I miss Dave Lee Travis.
The only worthwhile Bungalore RJ I know is Anjaan. and i dont know if he's still around.
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