gre SHAMBOLLIC: It's Rajyotsava<br>Meanwhile some ppl are having animal sex gk

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Rajyotsava
Meanwhile some ppl are having animal sex

I realise I'm simply tired of people who are still nitpicking over what language you dare not know. Theyre just as narrow as people who stonewall outsiders because they dont dress or smell like them. So if i dont speak much kannada after being here so long, I should be ashamed of myself. GIve me a break. I'd sooner apologize for not knowing how to fly an LCA, when my uncle designed it. Guess what I'm thinking of? The whole of expanding space, ideas and histories. New languages and new styles.

This should also teach me never to alienate anyone, wherever theyre from, or wherever I am. But I'll keep away from (not: keep out) the stale, regressive and eternally earthhabit-bound.
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