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Sunday, November 19, 2006

To seminal minds and open hearts

Considering I was in the running for some transgender agony aunt post in bombay last month, there must be some valuable crap I can dispense to indie females who really value the open air, open xchange and rewarding company. MINUS romantic intrigue.
A common bleat heard from someone who hasnt got the mix right is: she winds up in crappy social situations. Advised in the hetro section:
1.If you're a female: walk out at the first suggestion of bitch domination from the female agent of a situation.
2.Get you own transport. Even a moped will do. Depending on anyone, makes them think they call the shots. Soon you find youre pulling punches because of a service.
3.Never ever accept a girlfriend's plea to join her on a date with her 'guy' (whether she admits to the intrigue or not). Even if theyre in a big groping group. For crying out. They can get someone else to witness their shimmies.
4.If you think getting a guyfriend along to the above situation will make the above fix easier for you, be prepared for some action that night. Even of you have no feelings for him. What did you expect?
5.If youre the fresh-faced kind of girl who has no yen for games, you owe it to your self-respect to preserve that nature. Sharpen your sense of smell.
Smell a fucking rat. Sharpen all your senses. Rape the rat.
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