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Monday, December 04, 2006

CPI? What CPI? Mamta's the real deal

The CPI(M) probably thinks nobody's watching the fine scene in Singur. Very nice. Think again. So the sharecroppers were the first to surrender land to accomodate the Govt. dole to the Tatas? Any surprise. The Lord gives and the lawd takes away. Sharecroppers you see, are tenant farmers; formerly landless farmers for whom the CPI(M) won this tenancy status to the sound of trumpets. And then like a sham friend, the Govt. asked for it back because they had a richer friend to entertain. So most of the sharecroppers surrendered. But, you see there were those who actually owned the land in the proposed SEZ gift area, who decided they weren't going to be sold out. What's happening in Sringur now is simply, that the CPI(M) wants to push the prickly farmers, activists and media out of the way. They've sealed off the area. Violation of some fundamental freedoms. Anyone making a noise about this? Mamta Bannerjee. Medha Patekar went over 2 days back and the govt whisked her to their guesthouse which she refused to stay in. She spent the night in the jeep, then she was prvented from stepping into Chandanagore yesterday morning. Pleasantly Mamta (Didi), has great pull in Kolkota city, so the TMC (her party) and SUCI are not going to let this go. Frend&foe Viji, who is in Cal, and thankfully keeps her fire, is covering this on her blog.
CPI(M) - we're watching.
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