Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goldsmith interests me. Who cawld him "the most boring writer that has ever lived"? Think this hes fascntng. But i thought of it first ok? dripping off th e page.
Were any of you guys there at Jeet Thayil's reading yesterday? He was good in good parts. If I distrusted anything, it was his composure; although he did have to take a suck of water every 2 minutes or so. Although I didnt 'piddi' any of it, his 'in malayalam' poemtype, i enjoyed for the alienation it caused to the non-malls in the crowd; who had to smile politely as the dapper mall journos bawled and guffawed and slapped themselves in selfish glee. But this apart, I'll say he was good. But I believe I heard someone better. An undercelebrated poet. also a mall.
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