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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ich bin Dung

My tummy is tumid and i feel like a disco bunny. But all wandering dream interpreters, stop here, there a job. I have strangey dreams these daysies. Just try and read this:
The Bangalore Metro system was finally up and the city was looking very slick and eurochic. For some reason even in my dream i was thinking Zurich. But it was Bangalore. And I was getting off the station stop on Airport Road like some busy and confident exec alighting from the train and walking down the platform talking to a faceless frend. But I was wearing only a kurta or something without pants or underwear, even as i was carrying a workbag. And as I was walking and chatting with my friend, I was crapping along with elan. Nice mounds like dung were definitely trailing me. And although I was aware I was doing all this as I talked and walked, exec breiefcase in hand, I was also hoping that there was no one important or worthwhile behind me witnessing my dung trail.
Now tell me - what the binglights does this dream mean? Someone told me that it symbolises my socialist contempt for capitalism. I'm glad to hear that interpretation. But I hardly know any socialist who will put up with a comrade who craps like that in public.
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