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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A K Ramanujan's flowering tree

Peter Sellars has collaborated with classical composer John Adams to produce a libretto based on an AK rendering of a folk tale, A Flowering Tree. The selection of AKs work is probably not a surprising coincidence. They were both MacArthur fellows at some stage. Maybe its a sworm group thing, to spend at least some time promoting other (ex-)/mcarthur fellows or referring to their works significantly. So if one MacArthur fellow atleast goes on to do something fantastic he can pull up the others and we'll go 'yabba - these mcarthur fellows ...' (just bitching)
Ha, anyway let me not complain about this one piece of fellowship. A K Ramanujan has always been my man, and I'm sorry he went away so soon. I'm yabbing anyway and let me move on. "A Flowering Tree," premiered early last month in Vienna. A joint commission of the Barbican, the Lincoln Center, New Crowned Hope, and concert orchestras, reviews convince me 'A Flowering Tree' should be a pleasing affair. What I trust is the swirling multi-ethnic collaboration. The cast is assumed by Javanese dancers who dance to original choreography. And the thrilling virtuosic choir: from the Schola Cantorum de Venezuela.
The next scheduled performances:
December 21, 22 - Berlin, with the Berlin Philharmonic
March 1-3, 2007, - SanFran, San Francisco Symphony
August 10, 12, 2007 - London, Barbican Centre
May 24, 2008 - Amsterdam, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
sometime 2009 - New York, Lincoln Center

So, if you find yourself in any of these cities at these times, with some spare money, you may want to wander in. If you don't have the money, try sleeping with a member of the troupe. If you're not likely to be in any of these cities, jerk off.
I will.
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