Friday, December 01, 2006

Raah. Wily body managed to get CK Meena to visit the primping domain of my blog. I've raved about her before as the only worthwhile suppli writer in the city. Have to admit, I was critical about one of her pieces, but only about something i've dangerously chosen to be nervy about. Let me be blase and say, she's grounded enough to expect and demonstrate nothing like airy accomodation. I've eyed her book, Black Lentil Doughnuts at Premier several times, and it's only the price that held me back from the next step. time to try.
Excited about the chance to watch Jaane Bhi Do Yaro. Sensible Slogan points out that if you're a mangy dog for detail then you'll want to look out for the Osibisa poster in the scene in the music shop. Too many interesting ppl have told me this is one movie I shouldn't miss.
The bookies are meeting on the 10th. And the book is: Pico Iyer's The Lady and the Monk. In other news, wonder why i'm meeting so many xbatchmates in toilets at night. Not complaining, i'm happy happy.
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