Sunday, December 31, 2006

Since birth and for a very long time into early addlessence, i recognized only one ideal for beauty in men and one ideal for beauty in women. Dad-Pup-Pap. Mum-Ummay-Maaw. I revisit and I see once again. Here are b&w pics of my da and umm in their doe-eyed saladballad days. Maa - still madbeautiful as ever. Dad - handsome. Both keep a manic spirit of adventure and dash and rush and catch trains and autos and buses and a lot of mischief and fun. Paps just got himself a pair of used bongodrums someone squirelled from Kenya; found out today. Maah and I still maul each other and clown and flirt in public. a fascinating kidcouple. *6 woofs up, 2 paws down. 6-2=4.
I run round jmahal park 4 times.
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