Thursday, February 15, 2007

Deeps threatens to be in shambles at the extended deputation to the Andamans. The docu on the forgotten hmong ppl appears to have done that. but ull have all the paradisical birdwatching to do and the flora tagging too no? well i aim to visit because its been ages since i crapped in the free air. and dear manic bud, we'll visit at least once in 2 months and bring all kinds of movies.

This little girl's going to write a novel all over again. Maybe she should join deeps in the andamans just to avoid the crapheads who are destined to hound her now that she let on.

I never believed I could work this much at work. Its butt cracking but so gratifying, i'm not going to let incompetent coats ruin the show. Cowards deserve no mercy.

I've fallen for Men at Work's 'Down Under'. What can I say? What a trip - I was looking for you.

Beer at noon tommorow!
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At 11:10 PM, Blogger Sunil said...

Great! Go to Andaman.

Its great. I can just write about seven colours of sea in Havelock.

Yes ! Ammu is writing the next, cant wait so have gotten into meditation. This would be based around delhi politics I reckon! Wow what a sweet jelly.

On an entirely different note: come on she is not a lil girl anymore she’s like forty five. Knocking on menopause.
But there is no point hiding, she is only lady with small breasts apart from Jodie foster who makes me wild.
Sweet gorgeous!


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