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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Ok. A lot of things happened and before I bark i better put them down.
1.Considering I consider few things sacred, I never really know how I'm going to react when the one thing (for the time atleast) is pilloried and wanked around even in writing. And that's what Clive James did with the memory of Bruce Lee, something of a guru to me. But I really enjoyed his mischeivous class rant and really did. Sometimes you know when someone has had damn good fun writing something. And I say, you either write with a chronic erection or a lethal depression, or you know, just spare ppl your writing. It shows; that's what happenend. Boisteriously biased, judgemental, rude and packed with indisputable axioms - i loved it and laughed before I could even think. Then later in the day, another one of his pieces, on Brazil, the useful satire witnessed in the background of an orgy months back. His bio quite a thing too. nice boy. tear me up anyday.
2.guess what i did?

3.I'm reading excited reviews of the latest production of schaeffer's equus, radcliffe's rite of passage stage deb. the hype's got me for many reasons. because some hype gets me, one. then, the steel wire horse mask used by the actor Will Kemp who carries around radcliffe for a long while. then the plot, not just for the circuit but really the theme. a stable boy gets horsey with his horses and gouges their eyes in a euphoric dance. Then the inevitable psychiatric treatment. I'm excited that radcliffe really looks like he's climaxing in many scenes, but what fixes me is why every review's panning the relevance and worth of schaeffer's proposed premises. o well - the establishment knows best. and in one case we have intellectually propriety defended by an eddmirrably pedigreed charles spencer of the daily mail.I also wonder how radcliffe's going to sustain his show till June, 8 times a week!Also, entirely coincidentally, slogan goes and put up this pic of a down-at-heel local horse. although i cannot entirely appreciate slogan for not respecting her privacy, at least he let the hidden face be. I'm only thinking this horse is still overcome with the shame of knowing what the sight of his reduced state will mean to her parents. rubbish at her feet. succour is the wall.

4.I'm in talks with some ppl on viewer/reader expectations in film/writing. just local crowd local film even ok. we decided even in accessible and less stultified supplemet writing, everyone's playing it safe. like they never want to spoil their prospects of bedding even the stray someone. The promiscuity has made the intellectual city the cave it has become. You see a bad job, call it a bad job, rallying all the facts and summoning no fallacious arguments. So, we've banded to form the razor tongue brigade. almost nothing is sacred. more disrespect please.

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