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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Justice AR Lakshmanan restores faith

Some judges were trying to get him to compose himself. Others said he shouldn't have got emotional at all. I'm saying: here is a man. So what were the fellow judges trying to say? It's all part of the business of being a judge, to get threats? No. Never cease to be outraged and utterly emotional at violation of sensitivities. Then there's another thing, an immune and mature judge would have gone ahead with the case and also been silent over the threat. But then you see, we would never know what he was being influneced by. How many hardened judges have we got - too many. And to be as fair as possible - we all have an impression of SP particularly and their culture. Justice Lakshmanan restored faith in the judiciary. I'm sorry he's resigning in a few days.
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