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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kele Okereke

Pretty upset he read englishlit at kings, but if i can keep that aside i can go right ahead and say Kele Okereke is pretty exciting. His band Bloc are Mercury Prize nominees and I've never heard or read about them before this little happenby today. Kele has gone and said, that rock group Oasis have "made stupidity hip", also calling them "repetitive Luddites", the last an accusation most bands cant duck. Btw - i also liek Kele's arms (see how it reflects moonshine) cant help falling for these things. In other news, yesterday caught that Amrita Shergill thingi at MM. Something of a laugh if you ask me. Called India's 'Kahlo', AmSh was just that - in her convenient hybridity and the suspect merit and originality of work. To make things worse, this little docu was made by her neice who also ensured we never forgot that, by referring to AS as 'aunty' too often. In the post-screening freeforall she played the disarm card by letting on one of her challeneges in doing the docu was avoiding the inevitability of putting it like the subject was her aunty. You know, even in real life - I'm seeing this confession tactic is becoming really common: you confess to exactly what youre guilty of, so the critics are psychologically disarmed of a valid concern because you were so gracious to admit your failings even though ...Never intended posting anything at all on Amrita Shergil, but I had asked ckm before the screening if AS could have been aware of Kahlo; their lifetimes did overlap, ive just found.

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