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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Niven Govinden and how the Cauvery tribunal got me peace

Euuum - who is this reviewer, Sheba Thayil? I've noticed her before on the hindu's lit rev. it's entirely to my own failings for sweep gens of mostly substandard egoprints, that i've never really stopped by much of her stuff before. There's pradeep sebastien and an anand and some interviews and thats about as far i usually go into the rev. And then I read her 'Impossibly good' review of Niven Govinden's 'Graffiti My Soul'. She starts with - 'Who is this author?' and that's what made me stop mid-fart at brekfast today. With believed blessings from Clive James for the essential arrogance of genius, I'd say the best writers in any form in (from) India today are simply original, earthy and casual in a forward-backward flip. Forward-backward because anyone can put on a kind of casualiness, but with the good ones, its on-demand and deliberate as well, to look like something less troubled. Ok forget all that - i'm just saying south indians are unfailingly better at it. So no surprises both Sheba Thayil and Niven Govinden have it. It: the arty genius that makes beautiful things.
I was just wondering if Sheba's in some way related to Jeet?

In other news, here's a story on: How the Cauvery tribunal ruling saved me money. It saved me money and even got me peace of mind. I live in an enriching neighbourhood peopled largely by racuous families on-the-make. The Cauvery tribunal ruling worked to silence them all. It's not the knowledge of the ruling itself, but how the area's cable-operator chose to retaliate. Most of the city's cable-operators have pushed a couple of buttons or dragged down some sliders, effectively blacking out all tamil channels or at least the noisiest and most-watched. And then I was witness to an unbidden but welcome live case-study on how the noise-making capacities of the folkes of my neighbourhood was really driven by the media. Not only were their space-age tv's subwoofers silenced (because they believe in theirthing or nothing), but they were even speaking more kindly, with a retiring humanness they were never known to have. All the peace meant, I could get a lot of work done in my own gaza strip room. That's money saved. and peace everywhere for some time. Now ... how to silence a mucky bollywooded neighborhood?

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