Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm not kidding. In the middle of a bad head state in my morning auto ride, I saw a 'Feel my love' sticker in another auto. Nothing surprising about that I know. What I wondered about was where the driver had the sticker stuck. You know the lever to the left of the autodriver's seat? The one that they yank to start up the engine. There. The 'feel my love' sticker was nicely pasted along the length of it. No mistaking where he thought that sticker was since its creation meant to be stuck. What do you think was his frame-by-frame thought journey from the time he saw the sticker hanging about in the stationry shop, to the time he decided it was meant for the length of his engine's crank? ANyway the effect on me was to stick my head out of my auto to be absolutely sure of the copy and also to make sure when the light went green, he yanked it roughly the same way all other autodrivers do. Well ye so I was confirmed in both things afterwards. My only problem is, the location of the sticker means, most of the time, the autodriver is going to be the only one to feel his own love. in one single yank that too.
posted by Finny Forever at 11:54 PM