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Monday, April 02, 2007

Laurie Baker passes away

In the last archi camp I was priveleged to be a part of, Laurie Baker was spoken of in reverence. None of the greenhorned or ossified architects ever succeeded in getting a minute with him. Everyone mentioned COSTFORD (an affordable housing initiative) and stuff. But I was only really convinced of his influence on the odd last visit to Kerala when an otherwise uninspired uncle showed us his new house. All CSEB and the definite imprimatur of COSTFORD (he said as much), exposed brick. Thats when I knew Baker had really done something: made something of a rage of what could be considered ugly anti-style to the regular unimaginative Keralite.

"The Man of Tao...Harms no other being/By his actions...He goes his way without relying on others/And does not pride himself on walking alone/ While he does not follow the crowd/He won't complain of those who do..."

I know, I know - after the Walk alone post, I should be the last person to quote this quote. But I'm on a journey and my opinions evolving by the moment. I never forgot the lecture on mob spirit in school. It would be a running experience. So it was pretty this little saying by Chuang Tzu. And here are some more:

No drives, no compulsions, no needs, no attractions: Then your affairs are under control. You are a free man. (19:12, pp. 166-167)

The man of Tao remains unknown. Perfect virtue produces nothing. "No-Self" is "True-Self". And the greatest man is Nobody. (17:3, pp. 137-138)
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