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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Daddy killed a Cat

Who could have ever thought killing a cat by hanging could renew a marriage.A few moons back, that's what my dad did. He didn't mean to renew anything, just kill the cat who was being a perfect nuisance getting into community food vats, drowning, gagging, and wanking out. One day he decided cat's time had come. He nabbed the brat on the run, had it wrung, and hung. When mum told me about this last week, I was a bit appalled but warmed at the thrill she didn't try to hide. She said she had never before heard of anyone catching a cat and killing it. Dad did have pets of this kind as a kid yes but not in the owning sense. I guess this brat really had it coming. But we wont forget too easily how visibly broken he was when he thought he had run over a pigeon. He was broken for a very long time.
We respect the distinction. Birds are something divine.
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