Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear reader, how are you feeling? how are your nicely growing bloody investments coming along, racing like your pointless libido that has by now doused the urge? how are all your tidy arrangements coming along? your rightness? your loved one with the little prick? hows it coming - your assets, your network of friends? your NAV, you boastfuls, your point? And now tell me: whats the point? What's the point when you did nothing to help the man who was lying lifeless on the busy pavement of sj road today evening next to his 3-wheel cycle for handicaps. People walking by without stopping. And you in the auto in passing, shattered. Ofcourse he might have drunk passed out. but Fuck it, he fell, and people in falls anyway anyhow can concuss. There was a clinic 20m away. What are the rules christ - it was made safer for strangers to help a few years back. But ofcourse, its easier to help animals.
Please stop and act. What makes us think again when it comes to humans.
Let go lord. i must learn. but what is the truth?
posted by Finny Forever at 8:57 PM