Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The way some people go about pasting private life event pics in public spaces makes me agree more than ever with Nassim Nicholas: not to 'approach anything as a game to win, except of course if it is a game...I have also learned to stay away from people of a competitive nature, as they have a tendency to commoditize and reduce the world to categories...There is something nonphilosophical about investing one's pride and ego into a "my house/library/car is bigger than that of others in my category"-it is downright foolish to claim to be the first in one's category all the while sitting on a time bomb.'
Touche. I also think Ch7 of FbR- 'The Problem of Induction' is the best in my assessment. So far. Because I havent finished yet.
posted by Finny Forever at 9:31 AM