Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend indeed. We had to trawl through town to find a place that was screening the finals. GInn was, so we sat there through the highest class beauty of tennis. Just the first 2 sets. No apologies here for the lengths I will go to watch key finals. But plenty of thanks to the ppl who consented to tag along and enjoy it as well. Almost no unforced errors or nerves and from a distance you couldnt even tell one from the other from the shots and coverage. Women's matches were something of a joke in comparison and if it weren't for the taunting presence of the (ruling inspite of being erratic) Williams sisters, the women's tour would be exposed for what it really is: a charade. Except for a handful of lady players who are barely challenged and so left to charade, everyone else seems to be jerking off. A pity. What does it take to be dead serious. Maybe spending a little less time bleaching hair and primping.
posted by Finny Forever at 11:17 AM