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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Appams at Tiffanys

Meanwhile, do I thank my lucky stars for the lucky stars themselves and that means the slapstick troupe of family of which I yam a starpart - mostly walk-on. Comically independent are each and so were the childstars encouraged to be if only to accomodate the independence of the perenially exploding hyperactive parentstars. Rare Family Sunday on town today taught me something I can pass on to any restaurant-goer round the residency road parts: If you're at Devatha Plaza and deciding between Casa del Sol and Tiffanys, guess which one's the one if you want a plain good family-friendly child-friendly crowd-friendly place and food. Tiffanys. If its just you and an impotent man and both of you have airs and issues (other than the human kind), first of all Tiffanys doesnt need your type and secondly, youd probably already have seated your fatasses in delsol.
That aside, Tiffanys is priced genially too. About 100 per head. We just wonder what the 500 of delsols was trying to be, and they were trying too hard with the facepaintings and brand painted on the cheeks of waiters clearly not in on the fun. I'm afraid the general mood of the waiters have always affected my appetite - the more disaffected they are, the less happy I am (identification with unhappy people and situations will kill me one day I know). The comfortable and wise waiters at Tiffanys have been there since that time and they had the attendant stillness and sense of ownership that makes the whole business precious for everyone - including clients.
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