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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pull not thy punches; punch the bunches

Coming after so long, this is going to be something vitally desperate. The truth that some people require less consideration / fewer emotional concessions than others; variable for each over time; so people who are hooked (however badly) are simply less deserving of margins you should give the independent thinkers, assuming minds. Lets make one thing very clear, there's absolutely no need for bleeding hearts in assessments or receptions.

I hate the fragile observations of some stupid idyll like its going to pass; like how well you connected with a poorly-dressed person like yourself on the cheapest bus; like about some crass damp hertitage building close to tipping on a starving crowd with few ideas or about another frigging language up for classical status. I vomit on talk of the cars you've tried out just to show how about-town you've been; how about showing how about-your-toesized-brain you've been? People giving readings of pseudo-naive* effort; unable to tell a white ass from a white ass . Titbrains all for particular species of beaten-down servile animals, not thinking twice about feeding them more maddeningly defiant lifeforms, if they havent already advanced to conforming their diet to something fashionably human while also appointing themselves spokespersons for the undisguised gratefulness of their mindless charges. Meanwhile here are some really nice things we came across:
Stingy practical Nagoya has the last laugh
Try watching -
I’m Not There I hate Bob Dylan though; his lyrics should be read
And I've never heard of dedicating an obituary, but I'm dedicating this to someone -
Professor Susan Hurley

* see: pseudo-naive art (different from naive art)
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