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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another world is possible

Almost forgot I had a stand on it in the first place. That most people allow themselves to feel complete in society settings (read 'parties') only when their better half's languishing somewhere in view in the same enclosure. Enough so if they feel even partially alienated, they mope through the bravery and finally agitate their mobile to getting their aff over using some voice tricks with implications. It is a failure of faith. This sight has been so disappointing from birth. It was strange, observing it all yesterday whether they're putting up a good show or not, they're fishoutoftwater without their halves; less ready to throw caution to the winds on their own terms. It's exactly the sort of situation I really pity; but some cava sparkling (Freixenet) helps at those times to play a little game about being airy for a stiff while only. Which is when I decided to say biebiegottogo to cameo regret faces somewhere and walked to the metro and rode without putting in the ticket; officials can pull you up for that; and there was a tense moment when one tailed me as I waited.
In other news, it seems Malta and me just click. And also that if tomorrow evening's readings are going to be about gender tensions, I am going to make a very big noise next to my duvel. and zats awl.
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