Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally made it to the CdeVoyageurs for the BWG meet. Had the same Duvel stout that the men were having. I had to smile into the distance while 2 groups had their own discussion before I twisted into the gap in good time. We could not have the usual room and were demoted to the basement instead with grace. The first 2 poems ran well. Only think I couldnt come down from the beer to read as it was being read. And then I go break decorum and read someone else's poem and also dont bring copies for everyone. That's because i did not know; no one had old me. egad - to the bwits in attendance. However, the poem i read was ofcourse akr's obituary. And they loved it. All in all I came away looking like a louse (all wrong). And walked back quite a bit still floating from the duvel to zee metro back to the room. As for the bwg, I loved the critics. No politeness here. I love it. Now writing for them...for next week.
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