Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i miss the stupid cups of cheap coffee you could keep having and a few days back i was craving the spoilt and fluorescent cream on old cakes slices you easily get in all edgy bakeries. then yesterday i wanted to gnaw wheat grain; feel it between my teeth and tongue and after biting it some softish flour thing you can finally make it after dissolving long enough in saliva. then i missed ubiquitous pointlessness. what do you think is happening?
maybe spending whole holiday tomm on a unaffordable book got on 'e.m'. did i tell you i got half-mugged on the metro when i was walking in a dark passage last sunday. 2 guys were tailing me and as fate goes i was the last person in a crowd up the elevator, one of them tapped me on the back. isn't that a spooky way to start? and why was I calm. but not going ahead with the story. we'll keep it.
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