Monday, November 05, 2007

I've never been able to separate a person's attitude from what they have to say. They may make a really good argument but be perfectly hateable as persons; and I would never put my vote with them. Like Naomi Klein - unbearable. If I would have to list people to back up an argument, I'd go for someone else, less smug, shallow and botheringly cocksure. Like the Edwards Saids and Chomskys who aren't spending time on their eyebrows, freetrade lipstick, or a commanding voice. Making a point without being ungracious, messily combative, unbearable and over-the-top. On the whole, men have the composure for it; like favourite sons who have always been sure of their authority and strength. Dignity and sense.
A few good women are around though, they're just so hard to find I think they have to take a conscious effort to develop a kind of composure in strength. The package of both good content and matching form I'm afraid is so important and hard to come by.
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