Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not for nothing is Brussels celebrated as the most boring city in Europe, I had my suspicions but I suppose its only decent to reserve/commit opinion till after the first wave. Predictably as a city aware about the bitching, its put in place some red herrings like gay/lesbian bars, which I suppose those at desperation visit to see something genuinely seamy. Will be going there very soon. I also reserve my suspicion that police turn on their sirens only to remind that theyre beign dutiful and reassuring taxpayers. Considering I have to keep myself amused, here are the other nice facts Ive been entertqined by: telephoto lens to be less intrusive in filming of the drumming monks; the federql reserve interest rqte cut sounded wrong; oxfams concern of the regularisarion of use of biofeuls leading to a land rush in africa and asia (this has to be weighed); rebound effect; the significance of significant figures.
We shall leave this decent morning with a Bakhtin quote used by AKR in his essay Towards a countersystem:
"Every thought senses itself to be from the very beginning a rejoinder in an unfinished dialogue. Such thought is not impelled towards a wellrounded, finalised systematically monologic whole. It lives a tenselife on the borders of someoneelses consciousness."
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