Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wait wait - but this talk is absolutely brilliant because its at some of the multiple interstcies of my multiple interests: African fractals in buildings and braids. Bamana sand divination as 'geomancy' in Europe?
Conscious use of scaling and recursion in Logone-Brini's architecture
Ring-shaped fractal in Ba-ila architecture
Fractal model for Mokoulek; Nankani village in Mali
(Scaling patterns common to all indigenous architecture? No
That any society without a 'State' structure functions on a heirarchy and has a bottom-up architecture.
Only African ones were fractal; native Americans used a combination of 4-fold symmetry and circular symmetry)
  • Intuition? In some case they had sophisticated algorithms:
  • Recursive geom in Mangbetu design
  • Fractal construction in Ethiopian cross design
  • Recursive Eulerian paths in Lusona(Angola) *
  • Self-organising patterns in Owari/Mancala/Bao/Sogo

Practical Fractal: Scaling in an African windscreen (when fences in the Western world are Cartesian; strictly linear) And the great: Bamana sand divination (Binary code recursion) using deterministic chaos like a pseudorandom number generator: thjis may be implemented in hardware (relevance as core-base study in Engineering schools in these communities)

Using fractal structures for structuring postal addresses (imbalance of imposing a grid structure postal structure on a fractal village). Finally, google's search engine ranking uses the fractal structure of the Web; why it was a more successful than other engines; it was the first to take advantage of the selforganizing properties of the web. It's in ecological sustainability; the developmental power of entrepreneurship; ethical power of democracy; why the AIDs virus (and other virulencies) spreads so fast; destructive effects of capitalism

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