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Monday, February 11, 2008

Nayi Neralu (Based on a novel by S L Bhyrappa)

Exquisitely composed, sensibly paced and simply reassuring. In sets, Kasarvalli has dispensed with the responsibility of weighty historical fidelity in details by keeping it spare, but this is alright and even possibly accurate. If I had a problem with anything, it would be in the continuation of historical representation in stories of a kind placing the brahmin woman as queen of virtue and the tribal woman as available. (If at all such a thing is about virtue and worth making declarations on, I know only too many half or full brahmin sluts, legs and home wide open like a venus flytrap, clinching a marriage out of their life's only catch along with their balls.) This perceived flaw in the ethics of the narrative occurs to me only much later though, and again - this should be laid at the door of Bhyrappa.

I loved it and it was perfectly and quietly concluded with Venkatalakshmi's 'radical conversion of her being-in-the-world'.
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