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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The art of letting slip: the name of a famous relative
& other more meaningful arts

To certain people letting slip the name of a famous relative is the only fix for their flagging self-worth; they do it very often. Others marry for that sweet privelege, acceeding to bonded copulation for a long-coveted proximity to recorded literary history. This gets me to my most famous contemporary relative who by above standards is emininetly disreputable. This would be something to boast about if he were'nt deceptive and apologetic of what it is he really does. dear cousin chroma (not real name but rhymes).
On to the more meaningful arts and news:
- I've been looking for this medieval illustration of the the mythical-seeming Land of Hermaphrodites that Marco Polo mentioned from his travels. But it's nowhere on the net this illustration.
- This morning I found myself dancing like Pan to some radio track. With shades on. Halfway in a pose, Peeping into the mirror for an inst, I was in this bachanallian Pan pose [image], one knee cocked to the level of my neck
- Sestinas make sense but still not certain what canzones are meant to obey
- In thoughtful news: Coming to the assistance of Kerala's vanilla farmers (facing falling prices) Amul has decided to switch to natural vanilla flavour in its entire range of vanilla icecreams. An Amul spokesman said the move would make Amul the first national brand to use natural vanilla extracts instead of synthetic vanilla. Farmers had contacted GCMMF and Sharad Pawar to make use of natural vanilla flavour mandatory for all ice-cream maufacturers in the country.
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At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Which Main? What Cross? said...

Off topic:
The Body and Space: an exploration of the relationship of the human body to architectural spaces, with a touch of fashion. Photographed in and around architecture in New York, Barcelona, Brussels, Vienna and Paris.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting. tanks - lots of womenform in pics. by now am sure office thinks ime happy and gay


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