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Sunday, June 22, 2008

and did
you ever really know the meaning of

No you didn't; because guess what isn't. Not even is shitting not a universal SOD moment. Because there are the chintoos crapping widely in my exposed link road before flying motorists; the drama-artifice thing is there: 'o look at my genitalia i am' mischief license (they know it is playacting). and motorists seeing it fullfront pretending unmoved by a display they can't get from any known relative, friend or sprouting spouse. So to qualify it: whatever you are cagey about admitting to, is a measure of what is not an SOD event/moment. Like you suppose, fugitive jerking off, (remember: teacher's school sanctimony after night of manic sx), or more seriously: murder, subterfuge, bad faith. Then again, only in places/among people where you suppose such things are defendu (or criminal), and then only if that matters at that moment. what moment were you thinking?
Reading/watching fiction is bad enough, cannot take prolonged SOD in real life which urban Bangaloreans are splendid at practicing. > Exeunt from right
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