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Monday, July 21, 2008

Brangelina expecting twins - get sextets!
and EVEN MORE good news

Less than a week after receiving a surprise set of six babies from the lady's womb, Brangelina were in for another surprise when the French gynaecologist who had assisted in the exceptional delivery, revealed in a statement this morning that a regular checkup 4 days after the delivery, showed that angelina was indeed pregnant again - only this time round she would be in for triplets only.
Ecstatic as this news should be for the couple that delight in such expansion, sources close to the pair informed us that this time, the celebrity couple were distinctly unamused. Already overlooked for his acting abilities, Brad has also failed as producer, all his last 23 movies having registered unprecedented negative box office returns. By most estimates, Angelina too appears to have careened to the end of her acting career as we know it, her increasingly exoskeletal structure leaving hapless scriptwriters to protest at the unnatural retrofitting of story to suit the actress. Not to mention the third world refugees who have taken affront at having an unatural ambassador foisted on them.
It is opined they may shortly have to surrender all their children to adoption with the option of redeeming them later when at least either one of their careers picks up, at which time, if they are still together they may even lauch their charges into the world of celebrity.
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