Thursday, July 03, 2008

On my visit to bfs today, Gkutty let on about a talk that's going to happen: About an hour before this month's bfs screening on the 25th, lawrence liang will speak on 'A touch of evil'. The paper was published in the Jan issue of Deep Focus. If any of you can make it, please do come prepared for what you can always expect from liang and secondly for crying out, an informed debate, for which it makes sense to have done ur own research on the history of censorship in cinema and if you can, his article. The article is not online but I can lend the copy to whoever wants it and will extract major points up here next week.
***Must learn my lesson: a burst of greed and hyperactivity made me break my no more ad agencies promise. zombie vibes were picked up. will say it again: no more. i will hereafter be happy with my modest gear -> power transmission assignments and look at educating myself in the plentiful spare time. blugh
***Alan Jonston, hostage for a year in Palestine some time back, returned to the bbc after the experience to host 'From Our Own Correspondent'. However his new-founded voice tone of irritating long-drawn resignation and abdication from interest, struck me straight off as tiresome and stultifying. As if to say he's been, everbody knows, through so much, he's earned the right to sound like this. The BBC is beholden but I think he should be asked to pick up or pack out. In a people's job you should be thinking of the stories you're presenting, no matter how mentally ravaged you were this time 2 years back.
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