Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hours after seeing photos of Infosys' appallingly bizarre aesthetics for its Mysore campus, I couldn't help afterimages of mangled wireframe domes, glass long-since shattered, cracked plaster, destitution, giant pan stains and general decrepitude. Why does Infosys just get it wrong in every way, especially in visible structure design. It seems they will it. There is that unforgivable imitation of the Louvre pyramid on Hosur Main. Wipro on the other hand, has built its equity and buildings and image with unmistakable class. Who cares if Premji's keeping most of the shares to himself? He's spread the wealth around handsomely. It's striking that every third person (xagg) you meet has done something for Wipro in some capacity, as for the dreaded agencies, I haven't come across a single one in town that hasn't done something for it once upon a time; what is entirely likely is the company is a serial agency-dumper which is perfect because ad agencies deserve to treated that way.
posted by Finny Forever at 11:56 PM