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Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is not funny

I can only guess at the sensational and heart-breaking cases of Indian journos whose lives have been ruined by some charge of libel, or just the threat of it. I can only guess because so far I haven't read anything particularly impassioned on the subject in the liberal media. Perhaps it's because the real reporting these days is being done by bloggers. Anyway, there is absolutely no time for me to plead the wisdom of doing away with libel, moreover the links I'm going to splatter here, do all the talking on the issue. Simon Singh, author of 'Fermat's Last Theorem' and Guardian columnist, has written his last column for the paper. Indeed his career has come to a certain halt, as he deals with the legal headache of libel action brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association. The wrangle has already taken two years of his time and he says even if he wins the case, he isn't going to recover legal expenses.

In case we all forgot because it was so many years back, there was the nice case of ToI strongarming the blog Mediaah! into deleting posts/shutting down or prepare for legal action, for reporting too effectively on ToI's marketing journalism. Also, if you wanted to know how exactly Cyrus B gets away with his dangerous play on that show of his on cnn-ibn, keep guessing. I'm only guessing it's not all covered by this thing called liability insurance (presumably taken out by the channel). If it is, maybe blog hosts should be taking out such a thing for bloggers? I certainly would like to know what cover FakingNews is taking. No risk of action from Jolie-Pitt?
In other news, a certain nubile son of some Rhodsie scholar known for a snakey play and artsy movies, should try looking at his face in the mirror more often when he jerks off with his sock. Try wearing the appropriate expression when you jerk off. And don't speak, just grunt. Grime out. Time Out.
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