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Monday, July 28, 2008

4/4!!! and 1 pending. Now for the labour.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

We mated with Neanderthals. Can
we breed with other animals, too?

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1. People who flirt with news issues expecting to be taken seriously while trying to fit into every airy social grouping imaginable, mostly the kind of group that thinks it seriously profound to follow the trail of Israeli tourists in India in fashion and tour operator, down to their tour guidebook in Hebrew. Surprisingly apart from vocab like 'dude' which such a bpo-set must use, 'wannabe' is another favorite.
2.People who register companies because they had a few spare lakhs, ambition, money to launder from another company, something to gain from bidding for contracts/funding under another name. All that, but no idea.
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'If I can drive a car, I can do anything' is just one of the thoughts that dance in juvenile drivers' heads unexpressed but felt. You would think only vulgar residents of off-color cities like Delhi had that complex. But calm down - in that wholly underplayed but doubly-vexing way, possession of a car and the driving of it plays the same tiring power game here. 'I got the car' - what does it do for the driver? If they are already disposed to a mania for control - it gives them their kick while the hapless companion crouches supine on the side seat, powerless and subject, a spectator. If the supine has little choice in the company he keeps, in no time he/she will be overtaken by the need for ownership and actual use of a similar 4-wheel gadget, hoping to gain the latitude he was previously only witness to ... After a party, the animals disgorged on the pavement, 'who has a car?' is like 'who has the penis?' If you are in certain professions, the employment of such a vehicle and all its prestige significations (over the ubiquitous and less capable two-wheeler) feeds the the need to feel you are physically getting somewhere, doing things - indeed, covering ground. Some dafts deserve to be in petit bourgeioise professions where their attentions are cr(/l)owded out by gadgets, conversation, frequencies that prevent them from even considering the significant ratio of signal:noise.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Epiphany 1: All that talk about how the exigencies of the Great Wars birthed a contingent mood that birthed an edgy passionate overdrive (creativity?) in bold movies, street fashion, music, art in Europe. Just made me think: that all the loadshedding, whether scheduled or not, is doing something of the same for our sweet little self-conscious Banglo. At least that works on the level of private work: like freelancers (with lances) who manage their own deadlines or if u can only fuck to radio, you hurry with it anxiously before loadshed.
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wauuuh! occasionally i love it when people get so worked up about something most others think was a tiny wada. Here is The Times food reviewer getting nicely worked up
"...It's not fucking rocket science. It's fucking pre-GCSE scansion. I have written 350 restaurant reviews for The Times and i have never ended on an unstressed syllable. Fuck. fuck, fuck, fuck...I am sorry if this looks petty (last time i mailed a Times sub about the change of a single word i got in all sorts of trouble) but i care deeply about my work and i hate to have it fucked up by shit subbing. I have been away, you've been subbing joe and hugo and maybe they just file and fuck off and think "hey ho, it's tomorrow's fish and chips" - well, not me. I woke up at three in the morning on sunday and fucking lay there, furious, for two hours. weird, maybe. but that's how it is..."
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sea of Poppies

World's largest opium factory, Ghazipur, did you know. An indisputable review I read months and a respect for Ghosh I developed after a performance, has compelled me to decide to spend on Sea of Poppies. I would of course rather have access to the documents he plumbed, but this should do. Meanwhile, remembering to paddle for appointment in bosky BSK tomorrow aft.
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I want all featured. what is inside them
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1. I thought I appreciated this tomb place in lyon, but no. Cannot take anything so deliberate and pretentious. What should we think? The thinking that went behind it? A basic mistake. sorry
2. Does anyone have a Baedeker - vintage types?
3. Prefabricated Houses, at the Modern
4. Wouldn't mind this: Perfumes: The Guide (Hardcover)
5. Reality shows are better suited to this kind of challenge:
6. Another article:
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Brangelina expecting twins - get sextets!
and EVEN MORE good news

Less than a week after receiving a surprise set of six babies from the lady's womb, Brangelina were in for another surprise when the French gynaecologist who had assisted in the exceptional delivery, revealed in a statement this morning that a regular checkup 4 days after the delivery, showed that angelina was indeed pregnant again - only this time round she would be in for triplets only.
Ecstatic as this news should be for the couple that delight in such expansion, sources close to the pair informed us that this time, the celebrity couple were distinctly unamused. Already overlooked for his acting abilities, Brad has also failed as producer, all his last 23 movies having registered unprecedented negative box office returns. By most estimates, Angelina too appears to have careened to the end of her acting career as we know it, her increasingly exoskeletal structure leaving hapless scriptwriters to protest at the unnatural retrofitting of story to suit the actress. Not to mention the third world refugees who have taken affront at having an unatural ambassador foisted on them.
It is opined they may shortly have to surrender all their children to adoption with the option of redeeming them later when at least either one of their careers picks up, at which time, if they are still together they may even lauch their charges into the world of celebrity.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

To Dennis, thnx for some unspeakable help
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doesn't take a brilliant to figure out, Gangaram's should be folding soon. Apart from the physical detoriation and scaling down of premises, stock and staff, the despondence in staff and management is almost painful to observe, and infectious. Now if only spreading the pain meant reduced misery for the individual; i don't know.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Marriage of Maria Braun

Fascinating - economic locked-in script, thrilling turns, unreal dialog. Both Fassbinder. A possessed Hanna Schygulla. Fela (a viewer) watched this cynically but managed to be gripped; how did this happen? I suspect Fassbinder intended this: something like a radio show is playing throughout in the background - this would irritate anyone at the start. You are not encouraged to judge/evaluate, just receive, the pace helps. And of course the dependence on subtitles that robbed more time off the possibility. He is not compelled to make sense; he wishes to throw off the bumviewer within bounds.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

On my visit to bfs today, Gkutty let on about a talk that's going to happen: About an hour before this month's bfs screening on the 25th, lawrence liang will speak on 'A touch of evil'. The paper was published in the Jan issue of Deep Focus. If any of you can make it, please do come prepared for what you can always expect from liang and secondly for crying out, an informed debate, for which it makes sense to have done ur own research on the history of censorship in cinema and if you can, his article. The article is not online but I can lend the copy to whoever wants it and will extract major points up here next week.
***Must learn my lesson: a burst of greed and hyperactivity made me break my no more ad agencies promise. zombie vibes were picked up. will say it again: no more. i will hereafter be happy with my modest gear -> power transmission assignments and look at educating myself in the plentiful spare time. blugh
***Alan Jonston, hostage for a year in Palestine some time back, returned to the bbc after the experience to host 'From Our Own Correspondent'. However his new-founded voice tone of irritating long-drawn resignation and abdication from interest, struck me straight off as tiresome and stultifying. As if to say he's been, everbody knows, through so much, he's earned the right to sound like this. The BBC is beholden but I think he should be asked to pick up or pack out. In a people's job you should be thinking of the stories you're presenting, no matter how mentally ravaged you were this time 2 years back.
***Wrk blogs bookmarkd:
Frederick Noronha
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

falling back on most deadlines- not at all happy about it.
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