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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Since birth and for a very long time into early addlessence, i recognized only one ideal for beauty in men and one ideal for beauty in women. Dad-Pup-Pap. Mum-Ummay-Maaw. I revisit and I see once again. Here are b&w pics of my da and umm in their doe-eyed saladballad days. Maa - still madbeautiful as ever. Dad - handsome. Both keep a manic spirit of adventure and dash and rush and catch trains and autos and buses and a lot of mischief and fun. Paps just got himself a pair of used bongodrums someone squirelled from Kenya; found out today. Maah and I still maul each other and clown and flirt in public. a fascinating kidcouple. *6 woofs up, 2 paws down. 6-2=4.
I run round jmahal park 4 times.
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

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'will' can be such crap no? because illumination came to me when i was staring at the offed tubelight while squatting on the bed in the dark room right after jerking off, listening to bryan adams against my will.

saddam dies. and they loved it. i dont want to explain why - i cried very angrily. let all the slick wily pontificating suckers get away with their crimes and fuck to heavens right.
and there are snakes in this world. cowardly snakes.

No more.
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

whats the problem?
is there a problem.
i become the person i meet.
what finds me clear
is when i run
at 4am round jmahal park
4 times.

Love this: Paranoiac Refuge
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Goldsmith interests me. Who cawld him "the most boring writer that has ever lived"? Think this hes fascntng. But i thought of it first ok? dripping off th e page.
Were any of you guys there at Jeet Thayil's reading yesterday? He was good in good parts. If I distrusted anything, it was his composure; although he did have to take a suck of water every 2 minutes or so. Although I didnt 'piddi' any of it, his 'in malayalam' poemtype, i enjoyed for the alienation it caused to the non-malls in the crowd; who had to smile politely as the dapper mall journos bawled and guffawed and slapped themselves in selfish glee. But this apart, I'll say he was good. But I believe I heard someone better. An undercelebrated poet. also a mall.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Been taken by this challenge for a very long time:
How little can you live on?
Have begun to see over time, that many of our complexes at work and in life are built on material upkeep. So we feel less racked about asking for an obese salary , when we have so may contesting claims for it besides our modest selves: like the car loan, condo rent, ditsy boyfrend, club membership, moet&chandon or just expensive fuel.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Say: crap
no no. i mean: cheese

Squeeze me, but crap shouldnt be parading as camembert. The Calcutta High Court in an uncharacteristic display of speed, rules that the TMC's proposed 48-hour bandh is illegal. And that makes the CITU bandh (called last week) what exactly? Ha Ha. Ok. Now coming to what I should have said earlier. It was great staying with Vij and her family in Cal, also because its been ages since I've been around people who are really passionate about politics, and don't think it's unfashionable to talk about it, which is about getting involved.
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Monday, December 18, 2006

Strongly recommended

So it's hazaaron khwaishein aisi. I'm not so sure what the fucjk Geeta Rao's (played by a punjabi) trying to do there, but she's alright. The movie got me remembering. I'm glad it was made. Now i go get doped to join work tommorow morning in a haze in what is not my most favorite localitea in bangalore. anywhere else dammit. the only thing that's wrong.
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Kolkota is good fun. Staying with Viji, who takes big time care. City's charming as is the home I stay in. Ok - so you want me to say something irreverant? I'm telling you - about Cal and Bombay, these cities are far ahead of impressions.
Meanwhile, just to make sure you sleep less well, maybe you should know how business is done, and when you just shutup and wank - as the UK does for Jaudi arabia.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chanel No. 4

It appears many copywriters are have faecal dreams. Does this mean something? Should we just ignore it? I will keep you updated.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ich bin Dung

My tummy is tumid and i feel like a disco bunny. But all wandering dream interpreters, stop here, there a job. I have strangey dreams these daysies. Just try and read this:
The Bangalore Metro system was finally up and the city was looking very slick and eurochic. For some reason even in my dream i was thinking Zurich. But it was Bangalore. And I was getting off the station stop on Airport Road like some busy and confident exec alighting from the train and walking down the platform talking to a faceless frend. But I was wearing only a kurta or something without pants or underwear, even as i was carrying a workbag. And as I was walking and chatting with my friend, I was crapping along with elan. Nice mounds like dung were definitely trailing me. And although I was aware I was doing all this as I talked and walked, exec breiefcase in hand, I was also hoping that there was no one important or worthwhile behind me witnessing my dung trail.
Now tell me - what the binglights does this dream mean? Someone told me that it symbolises my socialist contempt for capitalism. I'm glad to hear that interpretation. But I hardly know any socialist who will put up with a comrade who craps like that in public.
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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Siddharamaiah wins Chamundeshwari
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Did you know - for a long time now most ditsy preg mumms have been conniving and succeeding in cesarean offload at least 4 weeks in advance of full-term. Why? So they don't put on full-term weight also they bounce back to ditz stats in no time. You perfect absolute assholes - just go abort. Better still, don't even bother getting pregnant, you weak-willed smut-nuts. Who will you not not be selfish with then, if not the closest thing to your own creation. Fish-farts. Your tits were never great shakes anyway.
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A K Ramanujan's flowering tree

Peter Sellars has collaborated with classical composer John Adams to produce a libretto based on an AK rendering of a folk tale, A Flowering Tree. The selection of AKs work is probably not a surprising coincidence. They were both MacArthur fellows at some stage. Maybe its a sworm group thing, to spend at least some time promoting other (ex-)/mcarthur fellows or referring to their works significantly. So if one MacArthur fellow atleast goes on to do something fantastic he can pull up the others and we'll go 'yabba - these mcarthur fellows ...' (just bitching)
Ha, anyway let me not complain about this one piece of fellowship. A K Ramanujan has always been my man, and I'm sorry he went away so soon. I'm yabbing anyway and let me move on. "A Flowering Tree," premiered early last month in Vienna. A joint commission of the Barbican, the Lincoln Center, New Crowned Hope, and concert orchestras, reviews convince me 'A Flowering Tree' should be a pleasing affair. What I trust is the swirling multi-ethnic collaboration. The cast is assumed by Javanese dancers who dance to original choreography. And the thrilling virtuosic choir: from the Schola Cantorum de Venezuela.
The next scheduled performances:
December 21, 22 - Berlin, with the Berlin Philharmonic
March 1-3, 2007, - SanFran, San Francisco Symphony
August 10, 12, 2007 - London, Barbican Centre
May 24, 2008 - Amsterdam, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
sometime 2009 - New York, Lincoln Center

So, if you find yourself in any of these cities at these times, with some spare money, you may want to wander in. If you don't have the money, try sleeping with a member of the troupe. If you're not likely to be in any of these cities, jerk off.
I will.
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Monday, December 04, 2006


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Anti-homeless benches

Some of you just haven't checked out my blog's side listing. If you have, you would have seen the Architectures of Control link, and followed it through, and this news below will come as nothing new. Now just take a look at this fine public minded movement taking place in a lot of fancy cities, this one, Tokyo: anti-homeless benches (caption: cant lie down, cant lean back). My goat feels particularly worried since very soon me and my goat might have to depend on public benches.
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The red herring

And while this Singur thing was brewing, a certain iguana's mobile hawk eye couldnt help noticing things and making connections. On most days this past week i saw cpi(m) poster girl, brinda karat's pics striking some daring poses with a group of people who looked like they could do without her. I call her the red herring, and i'm willing to bet this was nothing but slimy diversionary mnvrng.
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CPI? What CPI? Mamta's the real deal

The CPI(M) probably thinks nobody's watching the fine scene in Singur. Very nice. Think again. So the sharecroppers were the first to surrender land to accomodate the Govt. dole to the Tatas? Any surprise. The Lord gives and the lawd takes away. Sharecroppers you see, are tenant farmers; formerly landless farmers for whom the CPI(M) won this tenancy status to the sound of trumpets. And then like a sham friend, the Govt. asked for it back because they had a richer friend to entertain. So most of the sharecroppers surrendered. But, you see there were those who actually owned the land in the proposed SEZ gift area, who decided they weren't going to be sold out. What's happening in Sringur now is simply, that the CPI(M) wants to push the prickly farmers, activists and media out of the way. They've sealed off the area. Violation of some fundamental freedoms. Anyone making a noise about this? Mamta Bannerjee. Medha Patekar went over 2 days back and the govt whisked her to their guesthouse which she refused to stay in. She spent the night in the jeep, then she was prvented from stepping into Chandanagore yesterday morning. Pleasantly Mamta (Didi), has great pull in Kolkota city, so the TMC (her party) and SUCI are not going to let this go. Frend&foe Viji, who is in Cal, and thankfully keeps her fire, is covering this on her blog.
CPI(M) - we're watching.
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snoop: Doggy Style

Sometimes you come across things that you want to keep secret. But kept that way means risking a spectacular heartburst spraying blood and membrane on unsuspecting gawkers and mawks. So look you idiots leading dimwitted lives, frittering your sperm/eggs/time in an elaborate game of fantastically polite manners, for your own dum sakes try the For Beginners series. It's in the style of: documentary comic book and the perfect primer to the most forbidding philosphies. Pick one up and believe. You get the Indian priced version here at premier and bookpoint. Bookpoint being a pledged orient longman distributor has the fuller range. I have to warn you though, while its never tedious, if you prefer tame trips, these affairs are trecherously satiric. The wicked shall squirm in uncontrollable ecstacy. This is a series that should strongly consider the suggestion of regional language adaptations. Malayalam? Kannada? With me you can find: Foucault, Derrida, Sartre, Heidegger, Saussure. I sleep with them every night. More recently got myself, postmodernism, englang, art. With foucault, derrida, and sartre, I understood jouissance. titillation is nothing.
I'm saying: this is the backdoor to the thrilling party of previously thot remote projects. Hence, Snoop: Doggy Style.
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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hugh MacLeod
mostly 'distributes his cartoons freely on the internet', in exchange for the consideration of purchase of a bottle of Stormhoek some time. For the technical tickle on license terms go here, ok.
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Friday, December 01, 2006

Raah. Wily body managed to get CK Meena to visit the primping domain of my blog. I've raved about her before as the only worthwhile suppli writer in the city. Have to admit, I was critical about one of her pieces, but only about something i've dangerously chosen to be nervy about. Let me be blase and say, she's grounded enough to expect and demonstrate nothing like airy accomodation. I've eyed her book, Black Lentil Doughnuts at Premier several times, and it's only the price that held me back from the next step. time to try.
Excited about the chance to watch Jaane Bhi Do Yaro. Sensible Slogan points out that if you're a mangy dog for detail then you'll want to look out for the Osibisa poster in the scene in the music shop. Too many interesting ppl have told me this is one movie I shouldn't miss.
The bookies are meeting on the 10th. And the book is: Pico Iyer's The Lady and the Monk. In other news, wonder why i'm meeting so many xbatchmates in toilets at night. Not complaining, i'm happy happy.
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